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A key differentiator in how Cypress approaches digital marketing comes from the breadth and depth of our experience in all things digital. Our team is made up of digital marketing professionals, user experience experts, mobile and web engineers, and business analysts. Because our team covers the digital spectrum, the accelerators we offer and results we garner are typically far superior to our nearest competitor.


Cypress has a seasoned team of marketing and advertising professionals with a wealth of experience that can help you navigate the changing digital marketing landscape. We have a proven track record in brand building, a keen insight into the art and science of customer acquisition, and hands on experience with the latest digital marketing technologies. Cypress works as an extension of your team to elevate your brand, build awareness and interest, and ultimately bring you more customers.


Our Google AdWords, Bing, and Yahoo! specialists have been working in the search field since the beginning and we are constantly studying the latest trends and changes to remain on the cutting edge of search marketing. The Cypress team has managed and optimized hundreds of search campaigns over the years. Knowing innately how search works, the tools and best practices, and possessing a relentless attention to detail results in a superior results.



Search engine optimization includes a thorough understanding of technology, social media, and content marketing; areas we know well. We have extensive experience in the search field, and have completed many successful search engine optimization projects. We implement this deep knowledge to ensure your website is optimized for search as well as on-site conversion.


Social media is a mainstream phenomenon that you likely can’t afford to ignore. Never before in the history of marketing and advertising, have consumers been so empowered to influence your brand or product reputation. This means you must be listening and even engaging with your customers. We have dedicated Social Media experts to help you navigate the social media landscape


How a company reaches, interacts, and retains customers must be in step with new trends and changes in user behavior. We bring a slew of tools and techniques – such as native advertising, content marketing, geo-targeting, social media to name just a few - to every engagement to help you benefit from the changing digital consumer and landscape.


Display advertising can be an effective way to drive awareness. But the strategy and technology you employ to run your campaigns can have a profound effect on your campaign’s effectiveness. Not all display advertising campaigns will perform the same. Our advanced audience targeting, coupled with our award-winning creative means you can enjoy industry-leading ROI.


Consumers are using their mobile devices over traditional desktop computers to access information, engage in social networking, search, and more. How your company takes advantage of this shift in consumer behavior is important now and in the future. Cypress delivers optimized advertising for mobile, local, and social and can even create mobile apps that help drive brand awareness and customer acquisition.


Email marketing continues to be one of the more affordable and effective ways to engage your audience and drive quality traffic to your site. With mobile usage skyrocketing, and with more and more email being consumed on the small screen, designing for mobile has become an important part of our design and copy strategy. Cypress can help you get top results.


In today’s digital world, the sheer volume of data can be overwhelming. While collecting the data is important, making sure that you are collecting the right data and making sense of the data is crucial and can give you a huge advantage over your competition. Cypress will work with you to transform your data into information, and ultimately into insights.

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“Cypress has been an outstanding partner to us, supporting us strategically and tactically through some big changes to our web strategy and our organization. They deliver a perfect blend of creativity, excellence in execution and solid account management.
They are a critical and valued partner to Symantec.”

-Ellen Roeckl
Vice President of Corporate Marketing

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