Why Cypress

Who We Are

Cypress Digital Media is a new breed of interactive agency with a time-tested formula. We work collaboratively with our clients to bring business critical digital strategy, online marketing, web and mobile initiatives to fruition.

Our years of Silicon Valley leadership experience combined with our agility, innovative processes, and cutting-edge technology help you consistently achieve superior business results.

We are a team of veterans with a wealth of experience in software development, online marketing and operations. We have been in your shoes most of our careers – on the client side – which has given us a keen appreciation for what a world-class digital agency should do for you. Our team is comprised of industry experts with a passion for delivering solutions that lead to your success.



Our proven track record. The creation of successful software companies and leading brands. Companies launched, and Fortune 500 companies propelled to the next level.


Our multi-talented team of information architects, user experience designers, visual designers, web and mobile engineers, online marketing experts and project managers.


Our ability to collaboratively evaluate your business challenges and to design and implement optimal solutions – always with an eye toward maximizing return on investment.


Our commitment to devote the highest loyalty and utmost care to our business relationships. That is why 100% of our work to date has come to us through referrals.


Our ability to see both the forest and the trees: a capability of viewing challenges and discerning what is critical, what does and does not deserve allocation of your efforts and investment.


We approach every engagement with customer service at heart. We've been in your shoes and know what it's like to be on the client-side where you need a true extension to your team.

Proven Processes

We have processes. Proven Processes. We love our processes. We really, really do. But we also know that these are not "one size fits all", and we know from experience that adherence to processes for processes' sake is wasteful. We hate being wasteful way more than we love our processes.

Our experienced project leads know how to apply just the right type and amount of processes needed to successfully control and execute our projects. We strive to be more than efficient, we want to always be effective.

Effective agencies lead to happy clients. We love happy clients most of all.


Here we identify the work, prepare the schedule, estimate the costs, line up the team, and perform research and strategic analysis. We also develop our communication, quality, and acceptance plans.


We collaboratively design the user experience through content planning, wireframes, and UI concepts. We also perform usability testing and optimization to best achieve your objectives.


Here is where the strategy and design are applied, reviewed, tested, and approved. Whether it be websites, mobile apps, or other digital marketing initiatives, we code it to be dependable and scalable.


Once the project has been approved, we release it to the world. After validation, and tracking goals, we then measure, analyze, and can make informed optimizations.



Cypress approaches digital marketing leveraging the breadth and depth of our experience in “all things digital.” The services we offer and results we garner are typically far superior to our nearest competitor.

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Our team of top-notch UX/UI designers and web developers have a proven track-record designing, developing, and deploying web sites & web apps that are highly usable, beautifully designed, and engaging.

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We have years of experience in mobile application development. Our team of designers, developers, and strategists will quickly assess your mobile needs and offer accelerators that work for your business.

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Cypress’ Business Intelligence (BI) team has the experience and expertise to help organizations make better and more informed decisions. The impact on your business can be immense, and immediate.

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With the phenomenal growth in smartphone and tablet usage both by Health Care Providers (HCPs) and patients, receiving, sharing, and digesting healthcare information has become more digital, more personalized and more accessible than ever before. The Cypress Digital Media Digital Counseling iPad Application gives physicians and healthcare providers a revolutionary new tool to assist in patient education and counseling.



Tablets, smartphones and mobile apps are changing the way we go about our daily lives – and how we conduct business. Sales and marketing professionals (as well as their prospects and customers) are increasingly looking for digital, mobile solutions to improve the sales and marketing process, to cut down on paper waste, and to increase sales and marketing efficiency. The Cypress Digital Media Marketing and Sales iPad Solution was designed to meet these needs.



Virtually any business can benefit from a well-built eCommerce accelerator. However, not all eCommerce solutions are created equal. Usability, security, flexibility, scalability, and tight integration with your ERP are all hallmarks of a good eCommerce solution. Cypress has built accelerators on industry-leading Magento and WooCommerce platforms on a standalone basis or tightly integrated with ERPs. We can begin with our accelerator or build a fully customized one for you.


“Cypress has been an outstanding partner to us, supporting us strategically and tactically through some big changes to our web strategy and our organization. They deliver a perfect blend of creativity, excellence in execution and solid account management.
They are a critical and valued partner to Symantec.”

-Ellen Roeckl
Vice President of Corporate Marketing

“Our field team needed its first-ever custom-built sales enablement tool that both housed key selling tools as well as tracked engagements with customers in a customized SalesForce.com environment in a very tight timeline. Cypress was able to deliver on just that! Every request to further customize our app was met with the answer 'we will figure it out' - and they always did. Including when we recently added an entirely new, internal-facing version that linked to the external version. The Cypress team is easy to work with and they delivered a very good final product.
I would highly recommend Cypress!”

-Jennifer Guzman
Group Marketing Manager

“I enjoy working with Cypress. I have worked with John and the team at Cypress on several projects. They have delivered exceptional results each time. The team is professional, follows a disciplined process focused on understanding our needs and delivered end product that exceeded our expectations.
I highly recommend Cypress and would be happy to provide a recommendation.”

-Ric Cote
Chief Executive Officer
Channel Medsystems

“I had the privilege of working with the team at Cypress and was impressed with their quality of work, their dedication to excellence and their commitment to the LinkedIn team.”

-Tejal Patel
Sr Marketing Manager

“Cypress Digital Media gets it. They are technically astute, have the capability to understand your business requirements and most importantly have the ability to ask the right probing questions to make sure that the solution that is delivered will best fit the situation.”

-Bob Swede
President & CEO

“Cypress Digital was able to build a comprehensive eCommerce portal for our customers. It has helped our rapidly growing business by reducing inbound calls and allowing our sales team to focus on generating new leads. From concept to wireframe, to design, to development, the Cypress team proved their mettle and were a great partner.”

-Curtis Ludders
Drum Workshop

“The UroLift® System app the Cypress Digital team built for us exceeded our expectations. We designed it for our customers but our own team has also found it to be very useful as the content is comprehensive and the functionality is fast and convenient. The Cypress Digital team is easy to work with and delivers quality work on time and on budget.”

-Matt Monarski
Sr. Director, Global Marketing
NeoTract, Inc.